Item# keeping-your-pet-healthy

Product Description


You do not want your pet to be overweight. You can tell if you have an overweight pig because the fat will start to roll over its eyes and this may cause blindness. If this happens you know it is time for a diet. Pot Belly Pigs do not require much food. As a baby they get 1/4 cup pot belly pig food in the morning and 1/4 cup in the evening. As they mature you follow the directions on the pot belly pig food bag which tells you how much to increase their food. They can have fruits and vegetables as snacks when you are working with them or they do something good. Remember, they do not need much, a raisin, a Cheerio, or a grape is all you need to give them each time they do what you want. You do not need to give them a handful. Make them work for their treats.