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LAWYERS FOR POT BELLY PIGS Even Pot Belly Pigs need a lawyer on occasion. Luckily most of our little darlings do not commit criminal acts but sometimes they do give a problem neighbor an excuse to harass you more or perhaps you have one in a city that really has not banned them but has not made them legal yet either. In any event, we actually know of a wonderful (excuse our term) "Pig Attorney". He has been very successful in cases that you would not think possible and he is truly what we consider our "Pig Hero". Sometimes just a letter from a knowledgeable attorney who knows about laws and pigs is all that it takes to shut up a problem neighbor or bothersome government official. Since most of our pets are much quieter than other, types of animals, complaints that get generated are almost always NOT REALLY about the pig but rather some other issue someone has with you that do not get resolved so they drag the pig in. Many times a problem neighbor who complains about anything, not just the pig, can be stopped with a simple letter from an attorney.

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