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1. They require a lot of love. You will get out of your pet what you put into it. If you work with it and train it, you will have a wonderful pet for life.

2. They do not require much food (although they would like to eat everything in sight). When you first get your pet they only need 1/4 cup of Pot Belly Pig food in the morning and 1/4 cup in the evening. In between that you can give them fruits and vegetables while you are working with them or training them. Remember, if you feed them treats they need to be able to exercise it off. As they get older follow the feeding directions on the back of the Pot Belly Pig Food bag.

3. Being as smart as they are, they can learn to open lower kitchen cabinets if there is food in them. Always ensure that you either keep food and poisons above the pigs reach or you put child locks on your cupboard doors. A pig will learn to open your cupboard doors and help themselves if there is food there. If they get in trouble and you put the food back they will know next time to take the food out, eat it, throw the empty box back in and then close the door. Just try to figure out who took the cookies, the kids or the pig! Given the chance they will eat themselves to death.

4. They do not know when enough is enough. If your pet starts to get fat that starts to interfere with its eyesight you know its time for a diet. A pig can go blind from being to fat.

5. They require water at all times. Since their noses are very strong, they can easily turn their water dish over. You need to either have a heavy enough dish that they can not tip over or you need to secure it so it can not be tipped over. Since pigs do not sweat they must always have water.

6. They need blankets. They need an indoor blanket, and outdoor blanket, and a car blanket if you plan to take them with you a lot. Blankets are very important to pigs. They pull them around, they hide under them, and they take them to bed with them. Any old blanket will do, you don't need to use good blankets. In fact, if your pet thinks it is to large they may tear it in sections.

7. Your pet can be trained to use a litter box, paper trained, or trained to go outside or use a dog door.

8. Just like other animals, they need to get their booster shots once a year.