Item# why-choose-a-pot-belly-pig

Product Description


1. They are extremely INTELLIGENT. When they are full grown their mentality is that of about a 1 to 2 year old child. Yes, they actually have a brain that is able to process thought. It is like having a toddler in your home. They consider themselves a member of the household, unlike other animals that know they are a companion. They become very bonded to their new family and they do not do well if they have to go to live with another family when they are older. They believe they are equal to a child in your home.

2. People are NOT ALLERGIC to Pot Belly Pigs. They have hair and not fur so people who are normally allergic to other animals are not allergic to pigs. They do not sweat so they DO NOT SMELL. They only sweat a little from the bridge of their nose. Because they do not sweat they require a lot of water. Always ensure that your pet has lots of water.

3. They can be TRAINED to do anything a dog can do. However, they learn much quicker because they are so food motivated. You always use food when working with your pig. We suggest grapes, raisins, or Cheerios as they are low calorie, last a long time & are inexpensive. They can be litter box trained, paper trained, trained to use a dog door, or trained to go outside. They should be trained on a leash and harness so that you can take them with you easily.

4. They love children and other animals.

5. They like to watch television. In fact, if they sit with you and watch the same program with you over and over again then they begin to really like that show. If someone tries to turn it off they actually have a little temper tantrum. Pigs become a true member of the household. If you watch and love sports, so will they. If you love and watch soap operas you will find that is what they prefer.

6. They sleep all night. In fact, when it starts to get dark they take their blanket, put it over their head, and go to sleep. They only wake up if they hear food. Given the chance they would love to sleep in bed with you but if you don't want this for the next 30 years it is wise to give them their own bed and blanket and let them know that is where they will sleep. You will find that your pet adjusts quickly and will go to its bed to take its naps and go to bed at night.

7. They can swim. In fact, in the summer if you have a small child's wading pool your pet will spend lots of time in it. Never leave your pet alone in water that goes over their head like a swimming pool. Just like children, although they can swim they do get tired.